Valsugana is famous as a bike and hike destination, but travelers can practice many other sports. The summer is perfect for paragliding, golf or horse riding, whereas in winter you can ski in one of the ski areas.


In summer the take-offs from Panarotta, with a height difference of 1500 meters and a regular temperature range are an optimal springboard for unforgettable flights. These take-offs can be reached by car along a dirt road in good condition.
The local Club „Volo Libero Trentino“ has equipped a new take-off near Vetriolo Terme, dedicated to Didier Favre in Vetriolo Terme about 1500 meters high directed to south with a springboard for hang-gliders and a natural slope for parachutes. The particular position allows also beautiful flights in winter and above all it allows to fly in case of north wind: a real rarity in the alpine zones!
The official landing is near the village Barco di Levico, run from the club “Volo Libero Trentino”; a huge field in the middle of the valley with wind-sleeves and at the option of parking.


Paragliding Tandem Team
Mob. (0039) 340 4880577

Volo Libero Trentino
Casella Postale 2, 38052 Caldonazzo
Tel. (0039) 0461 723756
Mob. (0039) 338 8916338


Playing golf in Valsugana is revitalizing and offers a self-challenging experience: the chance to play a game, to practice greens and competitions for experts, the possibility of learning and practicing for those who have never played. The Valsugana Golf Summer schools offer everybody the chance to get to approach this sport following the lead of professional masters by taking lessons individually or in groups, as well as improving one’s skills with personal training programmes or enrolling in organized competitions.

Here you can find the contact information of Valsugana golf courses:

Golf Club Pergine Valsugana
Golf Club Break Point
Loc. Maso Grillo, 4 • Pergine Valsugana
Mob. (0039) 347 4647351 – (0039) 329 9060201
46°04’17.00”N ; 11°13’18.83”E

Golf Club Roncegno
Roncegno Golf Club c/o
Centro Sportivo via Ferme • Roncegno Terme
Tel. (0039) 0461 773337
46°02’55.22”N ; 11°24’57.12”E

Golf Club Tesino
Tesino Golf Club “La Farfalla”
Loc. Coldanè – Pieve Tesino
Tel. (0039) 0461 593253
46°03’54.63”N ; 11°36’33.03”E

Horse riding

Valsugana is the ideal destination for sports lovers and people interested in horse-back riding. The various paths crossing the mountains are a paradise for horse-back excursions. You cannot miss the Ippovia del Trentino Orientale (the Horse-back riding way in eastern Trentino) which crosses the Lagorai mountain chain, surrounded by untouched nature and breath-taking landscapes. Further information: www.ippoviatrentinorientale.it.

If you are a beginner, you can take some lessons or participate in a guided tour in Valsugana, you can choose among the active riding stables or equestrian centres.

Here you can find all the riding schools >>

Adventure park

The Adventure Dolomiti is a big park made up of acrobatic routes suitable reserved to all ages, to be faced in safety and in complete harmony with nature, to the discover of your skills. Adventure Dolomiti is situated in Cinte Tesino (TN).


Località Val Molin
Tel. (0039) 3248025934


Valsugana boasts two ski areas, it is possible however to try alpine skiing, discovering the untouched snow outside the ski slopes and the animals footprints.
The Lagorai huts are near the foot of the valley, this allows you to start some excursions with your family or with some expert alpine guides.