The Valsugana valley is near to one of the most wonderful cities: Venice! You can reach it by train in 2,40 hours, a perfect timing for a daily trip.

Other cities you can easily visit are Bassano del Grappa and Verona.


Venice has been known for centuries as the “Queen of the Adriatic Sea”. Even today its magnificence has not diminished: visitors get the impression of being in a city which was a protagonist in the history of the Old Continent.
The heart of the ancient Republic of Venice is the famous San Marco square, the homonymous cathedral, the high church tower of the Palazzo Ducale, the colons with the lions, which have always been important symbols of the city.
Nevertheless the feature which makes Venice famous throughout the world is its strong connection with water and the famous canals, together with the campi and calli (the squares and streets) which are interconnected through bridges, under which the countless gondolas continue to navigate. The Rialto Bridge is the most famous among the bridges which cross the Canal Grande, the main canal of the city.

Bassano del Grappa

Bassano del Grappa is a very ancient city, crossed by River Brenta, at the foot of the Venetian Alps, between  Monte Grappa and the Altopiano dei Sette Comuni. The city is famous for the liquor, grappa, which is produced here, in the oldest distillery of Italy, and the Ponte degli Alpini (the Bridge of the Alpine troops), designed by Andrea Palladio. Bassano has been a crossroads of exchanges and cultures, an area rich in trading activities, where many artists used to work, weavers, jewelers, ceramists and carpenters.
Bassano is marked by important artistic and cultural features: the historical downtown is rich in squares, towers, palaces and museums, monuments and interesting artisanal shops.


Verona is famous for the Shakesperean tragedy Romeo and Juliet. It also host one of the best conserved Roman theater: the Arena. You can reach the city in one hour from Trento by train.