The forts are the evidences of the events happened here during the First World War. These areas where, as a matter of fact, the border between Austria and Italy, the location where the enemy armies faced each other.

Main forts in the area are:

Forte del Pizzo:
This is an Austrian-Hungarian fort located in a strategic position on the Plateau of Vezzena. It was called “The Eye of the plateau”. You can reach it through a nice walk.

Forte di Tenna:
This fort on the hill of Tenna, which divides the lake of Levico from the lake of Caldonazzo was built between 1880 and 1882.

Forte del Colle delle Benne:
The fort is located north-east from the Fort of Tenna, with which it formed the claw closure in Valsugana, according to the Austrian military scheme. You can reach the fort with an easy walk starting in Levico city center on an unpaved road.

Forte Busa Verle:
It was built between 1907 and 1914, on the border between the provinces of Trento and Vicenza on the Vezzena Plateau. It used to form the most advanced defensive line between the Reign of Italy and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, together with the Fort of Luserna and the Fort of Belvedere in Lavarone.

Forte Busa Grande:
on the way to Panarotta peak, you will find this fort which was built just before the Great War.

The ones who wish to discover and walk on the paths of the Great War can walk on The Peace path, an itinerary of 450 km between paths, woods and trenches. 6 stops are situated in Valsugana.