Sustainable Tourism

Valsugana is the first destination in Italy to be certified for sustainable tourism conforming to the GSTC criteria. This organization was born according to the will of the United Nations to realize the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

This is an extraordinary result that rewards our lifestyle and the values that have always distinguished us. Our task now is to make our resources fully enjoyable and at the same time to make them respected:  Valsugana must be able to be fully lived by those who visit it today and preserved for future generations.

To carry out sustainable tourism in Valsugana we need your help! You too can contribute: slow down your pace, avoid the use of your car, reduce the production of waste, choose to buy local products and respect the people who welcome you: they will be the ones to pass on their love for this beautiful area.
At the end of your holiday you will bring with you a memorable experience and the awareness of having made the world a better place!