Christmas Market in Pergine Valsugana

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From November 9 to January 6 2020.
Pergine Valsugana. 
From 9th November 2019 to 6th January 2020 Pergine Valsugana celebrates the legends of gnomes and elves, who, according to the tradition, used to be seen giving presents and Christmas sweets during the Advent period.
This is the reason why the Christmas Market in Pergine Valsugana celebrate this period, with lights, songs, shows and jugglers that lighten up the atmosphere with exhibitions, food & wine tastings in the city center.
At the Christmas market of the Wonderland village, various handicraft workshops will take place, where unique objects made of dfferent materials will be created, together with local gastronomy, exhibitions in exceptional locations, events for children and adults as well as a dedicated section to the non-for-profit organizations: Christmas also means support!
NOVEMBER: 9-10-16-17-23-24-30
DECEMBER: 1-6-7-8-14-15-21-22-23-24-26-27-28-29-30-31
JANUARY: 1-4-5-6

Opening hours: 10 am – 7 pm
Food stands: 10 am – 10 pm

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